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  • 01-Feb-2012

    Crystal Medicine

    Stones for Healing Depression

    Crystals are strong allies in the remediation of emotional issues, including depression. Crystal therapy enhances healing, especially in conjunction with meditation.

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  • 03-Nov-2011

    The Hunger Games

    Intuitive Living - Eating Well

    Listening to your intuition about food takes practice. The basis of Intuitive Living is listening to your body. Eating intuitively requires you to tune in to your body and emotions.

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  • 22-Sep-2011

    Stillness in Motion

    The Perpetual Yogi

    Imagine an environment defined by stillness, as in a black hole. As a ballerina and yogi I cannot. I physically crave space to move freely. My life is in a constant state of motion;

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  • 08-Sep-2011

    Crystal Clear Vibrations

    Understanding Healing Stones

    Crystal therapy is an ancient healing art that calls on the vibrations of healing stones and crystals. Healing stones are those which absorb light or reflect it poorly, such as black tourmaline or biotite...

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  • 16-Jun-2011

    Heroes of the Hand

    The Earth Heart Line

    If you’ve ever come home after a long day’s work and felt agitated by the simple question, “How was your day, honey?” you may have an Earth Heart Line. Each of the four Heart line types, Earth, Air...

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  • 07-Apr-2011

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker

    Your Heart Line's Desire

    Have you ever taken an instant like or dislike to another person? One of the possible reasons is that certain Heart Lines are simply a better match for each other. There are four different Heart Line...

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  • 10-Feb-2011

    Your Passionate Heart

    What Your Hand Reveals

    One of the most commonly asked hand reading questions is, “Does my Heart Line reveal if I will get married?” Actually, reading the Heart Line doesn’t answer this question, but reveals something...

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  • 02-Sep-2010

    Pinky Promise

    Open Hand, Open Heart

    Have you ever held your pinky out while drinking a cup of tea? Or noticed someone else doing it? Pinkies don’t usually get a lot of attention unless they are sticking out at a peculiar angle...

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  • 03-Jun-2010

    Under My Thumb

    Measure Your Life Trajectory

    World leader or employee at a small shop? Your thumbs have the answer to which one of these options suits you best. Your thumbs are what allows you to mold and shape your world, literally.

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  • 18-Mar-2010

    The Life Line

    Fact and Fiction

    “How long will I live?” This is the most commonly asked question in the world of palmistry. In ancient times people turned to palm readers for the answer because...

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  • 21-Jan-2010

    In Your Hands

    Blueprint to the Soul

    What do Fortune Tellers and the FBI have in common? They both read hands! Both use their techniques to gather information about who you are.

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