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Your Passionate Heart

What Your Hand Reveals

One of the most commonly asked hand reading questions is, “Does my Heart Line reveal if I will get married?” Actually, reading the Heart Line doesn’t answer this question, but reveals something much more important—what is your non-negotiable need in any relationship?

To start, there are four basic types of Heart Lines – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each type has a specific need that, when filled, gives deep satisfaction in relationships. In this article I will focus on Fire Heart lines (click here to see a picture of a Fire Heart line.)

People with Fire Heart Lines are creative, passionate and expressive. If you have a Fire Line, you probably enjoy being the life of the party and often seek extra attention. Your non-negotiable need in relationship is passion. That doesn’t necessarily mean physical passion, but more accurately it refers to a passion for experiences. You want to consume life and hate boredom. This is the “I want” Heart Line. You need to express your passions without apology, which can be the biggest challenge for this Heart type.

If you have a Fire Heart Line, check in with yourself first and express what you want before you ask what someone else wants. This doesn’t mean you are a selfish person, it just means you are responding appropriately to how you are designed. When you act in accordance with your innate design you are more likely to get what you want and experience deep satisfaction in all of your relationships!

Meredyth Hunt
Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber
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