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Sunrise in Maui

Flying thousands of miles across the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the picturesque Hawaiian Islands appear like a feast for hungry eyes. The rough peaks of dormant volcanoes, the jagged edges of new and emerging mountain ranges, the blanket of heavy mist that envelops the green peaks, the green-turquoise waters: all make Hawaii unforgettable.

I came across the Hawaiian Islands over 22 years ago as a young child and I have never forgotten the feeling of Aloha. That simple phrase conveys the passion, the openness, warmth and coziness of Polynesian culture.  Beyond the blossoming and fragrant flowers, the top world beaches, picturesque sunsets, dramatic waterfalls and lush tropical fruits and fauna, Hawaii carries a certain energy, what they call "mana." The yogis call it “prana,” this life force, and in Hawaii, it is of such a high and elevated quality, that it is palpable. Perhaps it is the sunlight and the constant rainfall nourishing and nurturing Maui’s vitality.

At 4 a.m. we start our drive up to the summit of Haleakela “the House of the Sun” to witness the sunrise. At 5 a.m. the temperature is a cool 55 degrees.  We cover our heads, layer our clothing, wrap ourselves in wool blankets and join the crowd facing east, numerous shapeless bodies like Emperor Penguins waiting in the dark, bodies huddled, silently facing the burgeoning sky. Soon a spectacular spectrum of color washes over our frigid faces as the sun slowly creeps up to greet us. An amazing blush of orange chases away the blue hues. Another day begins. 

Dr. Thi Kim Hoang
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