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Wizardry of Water

The Five Elements - Part IV

All life on Earth sprang from water— an element essential for sustaining life as we know it. Water initiates the Five Elements cycle, as it nourishes Wood to begin the growth phase. The Water Element is yin in nature. Like the dark of a winter’s night, its power lies in its stillness.

Have you ever known someone who is really quiet, but once they speak or do something it is brilliant and Earth shaking? That is the energy of the Water Element. It is an unassumingly powerful force and it’s an energy that you definitely want to have in your space. Add some water to bring about growth in your life and also to cool fiery emotions.

Water Fountain – With the Five Elements, any time you can incorporate the element in its truest form, the better. When it comes to the Water Element, a tabletop fountain is definitely the way to go. If you already live by the ocean or a body of water, you may be able to skip this tip so as not to get waterlogged.

Glass Décor – Pair glass vases with textural décor to bring about a balance in any room. The glare from glass picture frames definitely counts. Windows also add a water element to a space. Don’t forget to clean them on occasion to really amp up the water energy.

Color It Black – Adding the color black to a space is another way to incorporate the Water Element. Think of the still pond at night. The sleekness of black can also add a dramatic statement to your space. Try painting an accent wall black pairing it with vibrant colors (Fire) and rich textures (Wood).

Use your walls to add some water imagery such as paintings of peaceful oceans for your bedroom or photos of waterfalls for a lively living space. Water will bring coolness and calm and encourage the flow of health, wealth, and happiness in your life.

Tisha Morris
Certified Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Yoga Instructor
Author of Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life and and creator of Earth Home Smudge Spray


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