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Winter Solstice

This Little Light of Mine

We are about to pivot into winter, which seems cold and bleak until you realize it’s the time when the sun once again begins to expand its presence in our daily lives. This transition is a time for reflection and renewal. Lately I’ve been reflecting on the overwhelming amount of external stimulation available every day and how much of it carries a negative message. We constantly hear, through the media, how the environment is declining, global financial ruin is around the corner and that war and poverty have no solution.

Warding off the barrage of bummers and choosing to dwell in the positive is a challenge these days more than ever. I always find that when I focus on three particular practices in my life - meditation, service and art - I’m able to maintain a healthier balance. Meditation provides that vital internal conversation, service engenders gratitude and connections with others, and writing (which is my art) brings joy and fulfillment. Each demands I stay present, committed, and trust that all is unfolding in a divinely ordered way.

The beauty of it is that wherever I go, I carry with me the ability to use these practices at will. I can meditate when I take a walk or sit waiting in an office. I can serve by holding a door open for a mom with a stroller or simply smiling at passersby. And, I always carry my journal to jot down thoughts and inspirations. In this way, just as in the darkest of nights we reach for a light, whenever I’m pulled into the negative influences of the times, these practices illumine my heart and mind and guide my way on.

Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa
Mint Momma, Life Coach, Poet
Author: Life in Two Parts


Charleen commented on 18-Dec-2009 08:39 AM4 out of 5 stars

That's beautiful, Hari Bhajan. Simple, focused, and beautiful. Thank you.

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