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Understanding Aquarian Children

The Aquarian Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children are mystics of the age, with a sensitivity of feeling and awareness to perceive the infinite in physical life, viewing the human experience from the cosmic and universal order. Young in human years, but wise and dedicated beyond their physical age, these souls have made their way to Earth.

I first heard the term “Indigo Children” while watching a television program featuring gifted, empathic and creative children enrolled in a private school in my home state of Massachusetts. My stomach was filled with butterflies and every cell in my body ignited with an intuitive knowing as the story of Indigo Children was told. I knew without doubt I was an Indigo Child.

I had all the characteristics of an Indigo Child; creativity, heightened sensitivity, psychic ability and empathy, matched with a strong will, independent nature and a deep desire to help transform the world. More enlightening was the impact this knowledge had on my life story, illuminating the reasons for some of the painful and difficult experiences of my childhood. I found new meaning in these struggles and came to a better understanding of myself and my purpose.

At the time of this revelation I was undergoing an extreme spiritual transformation; my psychic awareness had blossomed into an almost unbearable sensitivity, and my body, riddled with unexplained sicknesses, was expunging years of toxic energy I had absorbed. As Indigo Souls, we use our bodies to transform energy, purposefully incarnating in order to seed the new Aquarian era, helping to transmute the energy of the Piscean Age—ruled by separated consciousness and linear thinking—to the consciousness of unity and the merging with God-consciousness that defines the Aquarian Age.

Indigos are fearless beings confidently following their own soul’s path. Our life path and new ideas (with support from understanding parents and elders) allows us to shine like stars on earth, creating with passion, grace, devotion and inspiration.

Sat Avtar/Innana
Musician, Artist, Healer, Writer and Yogi
Blogger, Indigo Soul

Recommended: The Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth, and the Phenomenon of Transitional Children by Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D and Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit by Wayne Dosick Ph.D


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