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Vivacious Venus

Planetary Days of the Week

Venus—Goddess of love and beauty—is the planetary orb ruling Friday. The Morning or Evening Star is revered as the light of inspiration and a beacon of truth, goodness and purity. Important to Egyptians and Mayans, Venus’ motion was used to determine the propitious timing of events.

Friday’s name, Shukravar, comes from the Sanskrit word for Venus, meaning “brilliant light and heat.” On the highest levels, the energy of Venus teaches you to connect with the Divine through heavenly communion. Friday is a great day to work on grace and charm as well as emphasize refinement and balance of your senses. Visit an art gallery or take a dance lesson to call on the power of Venus.

Thanks to Venus’ influence on money, shopping on a Friday is often gratifying. She guides you towards fashionable purchases. Don’t forget that Friday is also a great day for creativity. Pick up a paintbrush, dance from your heart, or find inspiration to refine a romantic relationship….make Friday night your date night!

Venusian love is the strongest power, with the capacity to overcome war-like Mars. Friday is a great day to send flowers to a loved one…Venus is fond of all colors, with a preference for white as well as pastels.

Diamonds are the gem of Venus, symbolic of virtue, purity, innocence and mental clarity. White sapphire, zircon or quartz crystals are good choices for your jewelry on Friday.

Representative of the astral light, Venus opens your psychic abilities, powers of visualization and creative direction. With the influence of Venus on Friday, you may awaken cooperation and selflessness to promote peace on the planet. A good quote to remember on Friday (and every day) is Yogi Bhajan’s “If you can’t see God in All, you can’t see God at All.”

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Matamandir Kaur/Lyn Bradford
Astrologer & Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
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