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The other day, when I was setting up the volleyball net for a family picnic, I learned a great lesson and was reminded of a simple truth: As I unpacked the poles, stakes, and net, I found that the person who had put the net away at the last picnic had pulled out the stakes with the nylon strings, net and all, and just rolled it up together in a tangled mess of... well, you get the idea.

I was in a bit of a time crunch so my first reaction was panic and stress: “I’ll just take my knife, cut it all off and start over.” There was only one problem—I didn’t have any extra string to repair the gaps. After a few deep breaths a calm feeling came over me. I was, after all, in this beautiful tree-filled park on a gorgeous, cool, sunny morning!

I began to tackle the tangled mess, focusing on one string, pulling it, untwisting it slowly, freeing just that inch, then the next inch. My logical mind said, “This is going to take hours,” and it seemed like a reasonable concern, especially since I had about a half an hour to get it done. What I discovered was that step by step, twist by twist, loop by loop, the massive tangled mess started to disappear. It seemed miraculous! This impossible chaotic mess was uncoiling bit by bit. A few minutes later and the net was ready to put up.

The lesson and truth revealed to me is what you so often hear: When you’re in a fix and can’t see your way out—slow down, be present and go one step at a time, no matter how huge the task. When you do, the Divine, the Universe will take the next steps to dissolve whatever may be the nature of the mess and set you free.

Hari Bhajan S. Khalsa, D.C.
Khalsa Health Care
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Kathy Lewis Lloyd commented on 03-Sep-2010 03:59 PM5 out of 5 stars

Greetings, I especially love the last paragraph of Thread by Thread. I am getting ready for the new school and need to be ready in 4 days for the most difficult assignment I've had in 24 years. No mistake that I was roaming around Facebook and came upon this. Thank you so much "old friend."

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