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Under My Thumb

Measure Your Life Trajectory

World leader or employee at a small shop? Your thumbs have the answer to which one of these options suits you best. Your thumbs are what allows you to mold and shape your world, literally. Just try picking up a pen without your thumbs. It’s not so easy. The thumb is about action and creating tangible results in the world as well as showing how big an influence you desire.

Shake out your hands and hold them up in front of you like you are about to play a game of patty cake, notice where your thumbs naturally like to hang out. Are they very close to your pointer finger creating a small angle of opposition or is there a big space between your thumb and pointer finger, with the thumb making a right angle to your hand, creating a large angle of opposition? Or are they somewhere in the middle?

People with a wide angle of opposition (right angle thumbs) want a big sphere of influence; they might want to be CEO of an organization with a lot of employees. A person with a small angle of opposition might only be comfortable managing themselves or working for someone else. People in the middle might be comfortable owning a small business with a few employees. Accepting how big, or small, the slice of “world pie” you desire can show where you are playing too big or too small in your life. Take a look at your responsibilities - maybe you’ve taken on too much and it would serve yourself and others better if you scaled back your responsibilities.  Or perhaps you are playing too small and need to take on more! Either way, adjusting yourself to live in accordance with the trajectory you actually want can only bring benefits. Make these changes and you’ll give yourself a thumbs up!

Meredyth Hunt

Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber
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