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Travel with Hematite

Mala Meditation on the Go

A personal mala (meditation garland) can help to anchor your meditative mind as you chant. When used regularly with a personal mantra, the stones will absorb the vibrations of your spiritual practice. Your mala will become like a close personal friend and can be a great traveling partner. Each stone used in conjunction with sacred mantras has its own special quality and will help you to hold and project your meditative intentions.

Hematite is a wonderful stone for travel. One of hematite’s many qualities is the ability to ground you, creating a balance between the physical and the spiritual. Hematite is sometimes used as a “worry stone,” as it is known to have the ability to counteract the feeling of being “spaced out,” tired or sluggish. Using hematite in your traveling mala fosters health, balance and relief from stress and tension.

Hematite is an ideal tool for manifesting ideas and concepts from the spiritual realms to reality in the physical realm. It can help you to achieve the highest purpose during both pleasure and business trips. Hematite encompasses the Yin and Yang polarities, creating a perfectly balanced energy. Use hematite for concentration, grounding, digestion, letting go of stress and tension, and staying on task.

Here is a lovely healing meditation to do with your mala. Sit in an easy posture with one hand resting on the lap and the other resting over your knee, holding your mala. Chant the mantra Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung. Chant one syllable per stone as you rotate your mala. This is a very powerful mantra ensuring balance, creativity and good health while you travel!

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa
The Mala Lady, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher
Workshop facilitator “Mudra, Mantra and the Mala”

Recommended CD: Mantras of the Master by Santokh Singh PhD


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