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Transition Time is NOW!

Tarot for Letting Go of the Past

How can we move through this huge transformation cycle with grace and ease? I ask myself this question daily. Four tarot cards from the Check-In layout reveal four realms to assist you in the cycle of releasing old patterns of ego-defenses from lifetimes and helping you to enter into a new way of life, in the moment, with trust and valor.

Spiritual realm – The Judgment/Beyond Illusion (major arcana) card reminds you to release all illusions of judgment in order to experience true freedom and joy in your soul.

Emotional realm – 2 of Cups denotes connecting with love through your heart in building a new world together in equal beautiful partnership.

Mental realm – 5 of Pentacles guides you to step fully into your life and see yourself not as an outsider, but as an insider, willing to divorce yourself from your past pain.

Physical realm – 6 of Cups asks you to befriend your body and the physical world without fantasy and to focus on seeing your true dreams manifesting.

The messages from these cards serve as a reminder of how you can free yourself from the cycles of the past and step into this new way of living divinely, while  being present and receiving the gifts of the NOW.

Paula Greenstein
Intuitive, Integrative Divination Master Teacher
Author, The Book of Healing Tarot Layouts


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