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Astral Weather Report, October '12

Right off the bat, Venus calls for a new way of doing business in the love and romance department. On October 3, this benefactor moves into grounded Virgo, suggesting a period of greater sensitivity, stability and service when it comes to your romantic partnerships. Use this month to critique and analyze with a rational mind. Just don’t become too critical and judgmental toward yourself or the ones you love.

On October 5, Saturn and Mercury move into Scorpio: the sign of great emotional intensity and passion. Get ready for an extended time of huge transformational lessons and teachers that may bring intense emotions to the forefront. It may seem as if everything comes with a stinger.

Mercury adds to the mix by offering a three-and-a-half week period of biting communication that may be laced with back stabs and hidden agendas. Don’t try to pull any fast ones, because you won’t get away with them. Overall, communication is no-nonsense and straight to the point.

The New Moon on October 15 offers a refreshing opportunity for a new start. This New Moon takes place in Libra—the sign of marriage, balance and partnership.

The Sun joins the party in Scorpio on October 22 to begin its four-week transit through the sign of the Scorpion. Taboo issues are emphasized and intense feelings are likely to bubble up to the surface like a volcano.

The Full Moon on October 29 is likely to prove extra intense thanks to the fixed nature of the luminaries involved. People’s true colors are coming out, and emotions are running high. Blowouts on a personal, interpersonal, communal, national and global level are likely on and around this time. Get ready for the intensity that October’s astrological changes are likely to provoke and the exciting, transformational aftermath that is sure to follow.

Japa Kaur
Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Healing

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