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Times Are A-Changing

Astral Weather Report, Jan. '12

January 1st marks the time when the Sun continues its transit through Capricorn – an appropriate sign for the New Year, as this is the zodiac position that reminds us to set goals, think about the future and stay aware of the ticking of the clock.

At the start of the 2nd week of the month on January 9, Mercury makes its entry into the sign of Capricorn as well. Grounded, practical goal setting and forward-thinking is reinforced by Mercury’s shift in position. You are more willing to work, stay disciplined and put your nose to the grindstone in order to manifest a dream that is important to you.

The Full Moon this month (also at the start of the 2nd week) emphasizes the need for balance in family and work. Tune in to ways to balance your outer goals and ambitions verses the importance of creating a nurturing base with home and family.

January 15, Venus switches into sensitive Pisces, suggesting that love and romance will be even more dreamy and compassionate from now through the end of the month. Time to indulge in fantasy with your romantic partner and spice things up with candles, chocolate and surprise gifts, like flowers.

On Saturday, January 21 the Sun begins its annual journey through the sign of Aquarius, marking a period of rebellion, strong opinions and universal thinking. You say you want a revolution? The New Moon around the 23rd further strengthens this mindset of doing the best for the good of all. Saving the world, the environment, working toward a collective goal, will be strong themes in the media, in our homes and in our hearts during this potent time.

Mercury continues to reinforce this notion when it joins the Aquarian party on January 28. Thinking will become more broad-minded, but also a bit quirky and unpredictable. Expect the unexpected. The times – they are erratic – and they are a changin’!

Japa Kaur
Musician Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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