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Time for Transformation

Astral Weather Report, October '11

Welcome to October— a month where three major celestial bodies transition from Libra to Scorpio and the energy shifts from the easy-going lightheartedness to extreme, deep-rooted transformation.

The first planet to make this shift is Venus on the night of October 8. Expect your love life to be much more passionate and romantically adventuresome for the duration of the month. Look forward to huge displays of emotion and drama, for better or for worse. On October 11, the Full Moon shines brightly all night as a reminder of the polarity between the needs of self and the needs of partnership. Make love, not war!

Mercury makes the leap into Scorpio on October 13, suggesting that occult subjects, secrets and issues that aren’t normally discussed will be on your mind during this planetary transit. Don’t be afraid to go there.

The four-week trip of the Sun through Scorpio begins on October 23, marking the third planetary wave of Scorpionic energy to get under way this month. The Sun dominates the general tone of our egos and personalities, setting the backdrop for an emotional mood during this transit. Now is the time to get to the core of things. Scorpio is the sign of death, transformation and rebirth, suggesting that huge emotional and personal overhauls are in store during this period.

The New Moon on October 26 helps you to set into motion a cycle of new projections. The New Moon in Scorpio is a great opportunity for transformation on a grand scale. Dig deep, go to those scary, hidden places and face any demons that you might find there. It’s time for transformation!

Japa Kaur
Musician, Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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Helen commented on 30-Sep-2011 06:32 AM5 out of 5 stars

Great inspiration to share with my yoga students.

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