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Journey to the Summit

When I immerse myself in the experience of nature, I truly feel I am part of something grander than my individual existence. This was the case when Susan from Mill Valley spent three days at my Maine yoga retreat center this summer.

While visiting us, she read about my great-grandfather, who served as President Theodore Roosevelt’s nature guide on Mt. Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine. Susan came back to climb the mountain this fall; even though we heard there was already snow and ice on the summit, Susan was determined to go.

I wanted to keep my word to accompany her on the adventure. We awoke to an absolutely glorious day, fall leaves glowing in the morning sun, fog over the lakes and a cloud hanging over the otherwise clear mountain. Climbing a mountain is truly an experience that changes your perspective on life. Susan was determined to reach the summit, although I would have liked to skip the snow and the cold. Onward and upward we climbed, mindfully watching each step until we reached the summit. On our way back down, having left the snow and wind, I broke into peals of laughter. Susan looked at me and exclaimed, “This is insane!” It was an absolute moment of pleasure and joy.

This is what the journeys in life do for us: even when we don’t feel like taking that extra step forward, it teaches us to keep going until we make a personal “breakthrough.” Yoga practice certainly offers this opportunity. I am grateful for my humbling experience on the mountain as a way to experience the personal growth and healing in the unique way that only nature can offer.

Donna Amrita Davidge
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Writer
Sewall House Yoga Retreat Center
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Padma Patricia Meade commented on 20-Nov-2010 07:17 AM3 out of 5 stars

I want to climb this mountain. I will come back again soon ~ Amrita to Sewell House ~ Padma Patricia Meade RYT 500

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