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Three's A Charm

Cosmic Numerology - I

Throughout the ages, numbers have symbolized meaning to humans. Numerological references are embedded in our cultural subconscious and manifest in our language. Perhaps it’s because we have recognized throughout history that numbers and geometrical shapes contained the energy of the Unseen—representing clues to our Source.

Numerology pervades our lives, even if we don’t realize it. Why do we relate to certain numbers as having a benevolent effect on our lives?

Take the number 3. Many people believe that if something comes to them in “threes” they should listen. Trinities appear in many of the world’s religions and cultures—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; Mother, Maiden, Crone.

We view and judge our world based upon threes—good, better, best; this, that, and the other; too warm, too cold, just right, etc. Three embodies the power of synthesis – as all other numbers are synthesized in this trinity, representing the union of oneness and duality. The triangle is an important foundational figure in the geometry of life. Think about it!

The lucky “cat with nine lives” derives from the auspiciousness of three. Nine is composed of three trinities (9 = 3 x 3); and is considered to be “sacred three times”—the highest expression of sacredness. A trinity of numbers— such as 777—is considered very lucky!

We plant our feet squarely on our yoga mat in tadasana (mountain pose) as the starting point/square one/ template for the poses that follow. In trikonasana (triangle pose) three triangle shapes, or three trinities, are made with the body—sacred three times. In the light of sacred geometry, our yoga practice becomes the highest expression of sacred—the blending of mind, body, and soul.

Numbers describe the way we relate to just about everything. Search out the numbers that empower you—they are waiting to inform your life with new meaning!

Sandy Krzyzanowski
Yoga Teacher, Founder
Better Day Yoga LLC
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