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The Raj Stone

Rubies for Health & Abundance

It's an old adage that as long as you have a bit of ruby, wealth will never leave you. When building the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife, the Fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had rubies inlaid in the marble of this magnificent palace. Rubies have been known throughout the ages as the stone of nobility and are said to bestow fame, virtue, vigor, personal warmth, and the power to command.

How does it work? Rubies balance the first and fourth chakras, located at the anus and heart respectively. When not aligned, the first chakra manifests issues relating to security and identity. Likewise, an unbalanced fourth chakra can inspire feelings of shyness, loneliness or jealousy. These two together are a potent cocktail, making for emotional aggression, a quick temper and sometimes leading to health susceptibilities such as diarrhea, constipation, asthma and bronchitis or high blood pressure. If you have Mars in your astrological chart (for example, if you were born on a Tuesday), it is particularly helpful to consider rubies, since you are especially susceptible to these issues.

Conversely, rubies help balance these areas of potential weakness. By restoring the balance of the first chakra, they create a foundation for the sense of your own Raj (regal) identity. From this platform, rubies help manifest vitality in the physical body, grounding it and bringing peace, love, and contentment through the fourth chakra.

If ruby energy is what you're looking for in your life it's suggested that you practice the "Meditation to Open the Flow" from Radiance and Victory by Dr. Manjit Khalsa and Siri Tapa Khalsa. Try it for 40 days and see what happens. To learn more about the energetic properties of rubies and other gemstones check out Gemstones A to Z: A Handy Reference to Healing Crystals by Diane Stein.

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