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The Quality of Honor

A Day of Remembrance

Remembering is an intricate process. Sometimes it’s automatic, coming without warning, and overpowering the rest of the mind’s activities. At other times it can be difficult, details get lost and frustration can ensue: when you know that you know, but you simply can’t recall. On Memorial Day, you are asked to take a moment and remember the men and women who have made a specific and profound sacrifice that has, in its own way, impacted your life. But it is curious that the chain of causality linking these soldiers’ offerings to your secular, political and social life is so widely acknowledged, yet never extended beyond these limitations.

Yogis believe in what is called “the Golden Chain.” It is a metaphor for the lineage of teachers, one that links students and masters together in a causal fashion, not unlike the one connecting soldiers to civilians. But for those who choose to remember these teachers, the honor of “linking in” pervades the whole of their lives, from morning to night, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

So take a lesson from the students of the Golden Chain. This Memorial Day, don’t allow the remembrance of these warriors to be merely a ritual. Stand aside from the “ifs and whys” of political discourse and open yourself to the profound service done for you. Let your gratitude shine like the luster of gold, and let light permeate your memories of grandfathers, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who have given time, energy and even their lives. Do it because you want to, and because you love and honor them for their sacrifice and commitment to the future.

Dev Atma Singh
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Former Yogamint Managing Editor

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