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The One and Only

Cosmic Numerology - Part IV

Let’s explore the number one. This prime number is goal-oriented, active, vigorous and determined to move forward. “One” contains the numerology of new beginnings, leadership and initiations.

As a yogi, the Warrior asanas (Virabhadrasana) can help you embody the concept of oneness and focus. Stepping into Virabhadrasana I makes you feel immediately strong and capable. The back leg in Virabhadrasana I represents your past, while the front leg represents your future. Feel the power of your hands stretched up to the sky while your feet are rooted to the earth in Warrior pose. You are ready for a new beginning.

Embodying the goal-oriented vibration of this posture, which resonates with the number 1, helps you develop the inner strength of a warrior to overcome past limitations and actively move forward into your future. You are capable of leading the way, confident and courageous, with the nobility of a warrior. No matter what you encounter in life, you will have the personal resources to succeed.

Number 1 represents your attitude as you travel on your journey. The lifting energy of Virabhadrasana I surges into your heart center, tempering the possible egocentric, self-absorbed influence of this numerology. A balanced “number 1” person offers their warrior energy in service to all. Bring the balanced spirit of oneness, both energetically and physically, by developing your warrior spirit.

Sandy Krzyzanowski
Yoga Teacher, Founder Better Day Yoga LLC
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