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The Life Line

Fact and Fiction

“How long will I live?”  This is the most commonly asked question in the world of palmistry.  In ancient times people turned to palm readers for the answer because they knew the hand contains one line called the Life Line.  In your palm, it is the deep line that curves in a wide arc around the base of the thumb.  Some people have life lines that extend all the way to the bottom of the palm and some don’t.  The commonly held belief was that the length of your life line predicted the length of your life.  But this superstition is absolutely not true.

In modern Hand Analysis, the function of the life line is to reveal how you process information in your body.  In other words, are you grounded and calm or high strung and anxious?  Do you run on adrenaline, or do you naturally have extra stamina? How balanced is your life?

Take a look at your life line focusing on the bottom of the line about half an inch up from the base of your palm.  If there is a small area where the line seems to fade out to nothing and then picks back up with the same depth and strength you may have what is known as “Gotta Gotta”.  This means you might have a hard time slowing down to rest because you think, “I can’t rest. I gotta do this and then I gotta do that.”  If you are experiencing “Gotta Gotta” take a deep breath.  Now take another one.  Breath is one of the keys to living a balanced life.

Meredyth Hunt
Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber
I highly recommended reading Lifeprints by Richard Unger.


jenny g commented on 19-Mar-2010 10:11 AM4 out of 5 stars

What if I have "Gotta Gotta" on my left hand but not on my right? Does that make me completely out of balance?

Meredyth Hunt commented on 19-Mar-2010 12:19 PM3 out of 5 stars

Hi Jenny, Thanks for your question. Having "Gotta Gotta" in just one hand is actually a bit better than having it in both. Perhaps you could take a look at your home/personal life and see if there is an area you are out of balance or could use more grounding. Some questions you could ask yourself are: Have I created a home that is peaceful and invites rest? Am I willing to carve out non-negotiable time from my duties to take care of myself and rejuvenate deeply? Dealing with "Gotta Gotta" is really about flipping the script from thinking "I can't rest because I gotta do ____" to thinking "I won't do ____ because I gotta take care of myself first." And don't forget to breathe:)

Korin S commented on 19-Mar-2010 12:54 PM5 out of 5 stars

What if mine branches off and then comes back together...either way I'm taking the deep breaths!?

Meredyth Hunt commented on 19-Mar-2010 04:39 PM3 out of 5 stars

Excellent question Korin! It is always a little tricky for me to say what is going on in your hands without seeing them but, that being said, it sounds like the mark you are talking about is called a "Bitter Pill". Ominous sounding I know. This mark is about swallowing expectations from your family of orgin about who you are or who they think you should be at an early age. It is important to look at your life and ask "Am I taking this action" or "Doing this job" because it meets with MY expectations of who I am or am I doing it because of someone else's expectations of who they think I am? Glad to hear you are taking deep breaths!

shizumi commented on 23-Jun-2010 04:45 AM4 out of 5 stars

Hi! What if it fades and it does not have the same depth and strength???

Meredyth Hunt commented on 15-Sep-2010 09:51 PM3 out of 5 stars

Hi Shizumi, It sounds like what you are describing is a life line that needs some grounding exercises like taking a 20 minute walk everyday or practicing yoga. Any type of physical activity that puts you in touch with your body in a calm way would be very helpful as you might have a bit more energy and anxiety than a life that completes itself.

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