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Intuitive Living - Eating Well

Listening to your intuition about food takes practice. The basis of Intuitive Living is listening to your body. Eating intuitively requires you to tune in to your body and emotions. You will learn how to eat when you are truly hungry and enjoy your meals more when let your intuition guide your appetite.

Want to eat more intuitively? Start by taking all refined sugars and animal proteins out of your diet for 40 days. Eating an over-abundance of sugar and/or animal proteins makes it difficult for the body to send those intuitive messages by setting up a cycle of addictive cravings that overshadow the quieter voice of the intuitive self.

Once your body is back in balance, start listening deeply to the body’s messages about how it wants to be nourished. Slow down the breath before you grab and eat the first thing you see. By slowing down your breath you may get a picture in your mind’s eye of a tasty salad filled with goodies like feta cheese, nuts and cherry tomatoes instead of French fries. The more often you honor what your wisdom is telling you the easier it becomes to access the intuitive part of yourself.

It is important to celebrate life. Intuitive eating is not a rigid diet program. Intuitive eating allows you to tap into your inner knowing around food to make it a more joyful experience for body and soul. Enjoy your food by tuning in to what you really need. You will not feel deprived and every meal will become a celebration!

Della McGee
Intuitive Reader, Hands-On Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Inner Peace Movement Studio

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