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Stillness in Motion

The Perpetual Yogi

Imagine an environment defined by stillness, as in a black hole. As a ballerina and yogi I cannot. I physically crave space to move freely. My life is in a constant state of motion; my experiences in an ever-changing flux.

Through movement I transcend my physical body and convey emotion in a unique and fascinating way; so why stop? Even when I practice stillness in a grounded pose like Virabhadrasana II, I still experience the movement of my breath, as well as my thoughts and the atoms that constitute my physical existence.

Very often I pause to reexamine the motivations behind my movement patterns. At times I catch myself moving in a way I know does not serve me and this new-found knowledge teaches me to break habits. My greatest teacher is this profound awareness of my movement.

Through the practice of yoga, my entire life perspective shifts by virtue of a deeper connection with my physical self. Through my asana practice I become more attuned to myself, as issues arise in the form of mental dialogues or physical sensations. I observe my need to fidget, which reminds me of the “go, go, go” world I live in. 

Despite living in a world defined by perpetual motion, I know that as long as my “cruise control” button is turned off I will continue to propel myself forward in a joyous and conscious way. A true yogi knows that the quality of life rests in the journey and not the destination.

Susan Vishmid
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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