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Spice Up Your Kitchen

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Are you looking to eat healthier, drop a few pounds and eat more consciously? Our eating habits are engrained in us, making it a challenge to make desired dietary changes. That’s where feng shui can help. By changing your environment—like the kitchen—you can shake up old patterns and put new ones into place.

Here are some ways to create a kitchen that supports healthy eating:

Change colors – Color can greatly affect your energy, metabolism, mood and digestion. Take an objective look at the color of your kitchen walls. Does it stimulate you, calm you, or make you want to leave the room? Generally speaking, greens and reds are good colors for kitchens and dining rooms. Bright yellow, gold, brown, or muddy colors can leave an icky feeling with your digestion. Most importantly, choose an appetizing color that you love.

Reduce clutter – Clutter is stagnant energy. The kitchen often ends up being a major clutter zone for mail and stacks of paper. This can quickly lead to a desire to avoid going into the kitchen, so clear out the clutter!

Clean out refrigerator and pantry – Here’s a simple way to change your eating habits. Remove all food items in your kitchen that are not consistent with your new diet, your new life.

Spice it Up – I’m not talking about cardamom and ginger, although it is fun to add some new spices to your cooking repertoire. You can also “spice up” your kitchen décor. For example, add a piece of kitchen art with images of healthy foods or positive affirmations, like “Live, Love, Laugh.” Add a tablecloth, a healthy cookbook, a juicer or a new spice rack. The bottom line is to enjoy your kitchen and let it uplift you!

Tisha Morris
Certified Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Yoga Instructor
Author of Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life

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