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Everyone knows that creative expression leads to grand epiphanies and positive life changes. Creating art helps us feel passionate and excited about our lives, and when we feel that way, we're open to change. Despite this, most of us believe we don't have a creative bone in our bodies! For instance, I recently spoke with an exercise instructor who spent ten minutes assuring me that everyone else in her family is artistic but her. When she finished, I suggested that, in fact, she IS an artist, moving her body in a way that leads and uplifts others every day. In that moment, her posture shifted, she smiled, and even danced a little dance, singing "I'm an artist!" as she twirled out of the building. It was her perspective about how she spends her time that shifted her feelings.

Take a look at the way you spend your day, and more importantly, how you talk about it. If you're not feeling artistic or passionate, see what you can do with thoughts and words to tell a more creative story about yourself. There's always another way to see things, and this is where drawing mandalas can help. Unlike still life, landscape and portrait art, mandalas are easy to create and require no training. Simply moving a pen on paper can be freeing, but allowing yourself to go for the mandala will alert your soul that you're ready for change. Mandalas don't have to be fancy, or perfect, or even beautiful. Think of them more as keys you can use to open doors inside yourself. Be free, be easy, create and feel. It's about your relationship with you. And it will shift your perspective from everyday to extraordinary!

Dana Weekley
Freedom Pioneer, Lover of Lines
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Anonymous commented on 20-Jul-2010 10:36 AM3 out of 5 stars

I love the idea of drawing mandalas, but I have no idea how to start. Even a short paragraph in this article giving ideas how to start would be helpful. Thank you for your consideration.

Dana commented on 20-Jul-2010 01:10 PM3 out of 5 stars

There are sooo many ways to make a mandala! And just as many instructional tools available. But for me, the easiest way to get started is with a circle. Use any size you're comfortable with. It's about feeling your way through the process. Draw or trace symmetrical shapes around the center point. For example, you might use a leaf shaped stencil (which you can create yourself!) Trace it four times, evenly spaced around the center. This is your foundation, and from here you will see where to place the next layer or level of shapes. Use a different stencil, or try turning the one you have to mix up the perspective. Again, trace it 4 to 8 times symmetrically around that first layer. At this point, you begin to feel your way into the mandala, to see where and how to place your shapes. As it grows, your mandala develops life and energy of its own. Add lines, marks, swirls, anything that makes it interesting to you. It's your creation and reflects where you are in this moment in time. When it feels complete, get out your crayons, paints or colored pencils and see what more you can discover about your creative side. One tip before coloring - you may want to make copies for yourself and your friends! Have fun, and feel free to post on my FB wall - NineTomatoes!

annonymous commented on 19-Nov-2010 03:37 PM5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for giving me ideas in response to my post!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Sorry I didn't post this thank you earlier.

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