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Ruled by the Heart

Astral Weather Report, August '11

August is ruled by Leo — with the Sun and Venus in this playful fire sign at the start of the month, the next three weeks will be dominated by fun-loving, romantic, heart-ruled energy. The time is right for child-like activities and dramatic displays of love.

On August 2, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, affecting communications, travel and mechanical devices. On August 8, Mercury backs up into Leo, suggesting that communication will become more bold and dramatic. Simple conversations turn into Shakespearean dramas under this influence, but don’t take anything – including yourself – too seriously.

The Full Moon on August 13 brings powerful emotions to the surface. Be aware of those around you and look to see how you can serve the group. When Venus moves into grounded Virgo on August 21, the call is to be more practical regarding love. It will be your natural tendency to be nit-picky toward your loved ones—just don’t let your negative mind fly out of control over a set of dirty dishes in the sink.

The next big event is the Sun’s entrance into Virgo on August 23. During this time, the recipe to success involves organization, a steady, trustworthy approach and a detail-oriented mind.

The end of the month is a time for new beginnings. Set your intentions on August 28 when the New Moon in Virgo sets the stage for letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. A ritual involving cleaning out your closets, your garage and your mental storage unit is called for around these last couple days of the month. Clearing out the old – both literally and figuratively - will put you in perfect position for success in the month ahead. Just remember to lead with your heart!

Japa Kaur
Musician, Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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