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Romancing the Stone

Heart-Centered Sugilite

Show some love for sugilite —a brilliant gemstone that opens and centers your heart chakra and balances and realigns all the other chakras. Sugilite emanates Love! Whether it is spiritual love, self love or romantic love, sugilite will help heal these areas. It is a balancer of mind, body and spirit and encourages a peaceful nature and a feeling of well-being.

Sugilite is found in beautiful shades of purple, violet and magenta and is considered by metaphysicians as the “New Age” stone, because it’s a newly discovered gemstone (discovered in 1944 in Japan). Many people believe this stone is here to assist us into the Age of Aquarius—an astrological era bringing increased spirituality, peace and harmony on the earth, which is the essence of the next evolutionary step for mankind.

Use sugilite to enhance your meditation and to bring guidance on major life questions such as, “What is my destiny? Why am I here?” This magical stone teaches you how to live from your truth and reminds the Soul of its reasons for incarnating. Sugilite is also known to have protective qualities and shields against negativity.

If the energy of this gemstone is calling you, try the meditation, Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity by Yogi Bhajan along with a piece of sugilite for 40 days, and see what happens. Romance this stone for some Aquarian Age heart-centered love! 

Joel Darshan Ingwaldson
Sacred Bauble

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