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Red Flag to Romance

Astral Weather Report, April '11

April begins with a big red flag – Mercury is retrograde! Straight out of the gate until the 23rd of the month, the planet of the mind appears to move backward in the sky. Thanks to this phenomenon, which happens about three times a year, you will experience more miscommunication, mechanical breakdowns and electrical snafus than usual. Your brain is tied up in knots and personal communication with the ones you love may be strained or downright impossible.

Give yourself a break and tune into a powerful meditation practice on Sunday, April 3 when the New Moon encourages you to set a new cycle into motion. Feel yourself firmly on the Earth and be mindful of what you want to manifest. With the Sun and the Moon in the courageous sign of Aries, the mood is ripe for you to become conscious of a brave new action you need to take.

Let this new idea take shape as it crescendos to a point of climax around the Full Moon on April 17. During this time, emotions are high and you may be aware of adjustments you need to make in order to keep yourself – and your relationships – in balance. When the Sun shifts into Taurus on April 20, note the change in mood. For the next four weeks, the energy encourages you to slow down and enjoy the pleasures in life instead of battling for more achievements.

The romance department picks up when Venus moves into Aries on the 21st and Mercury turns direct on the 23rd. For the last week of April you will find that clear communication resumes and honest, and sometimes even aggressive, outbursts help renew relations between you and the ones you love. Look forward to a brave new start in your love life – a fresh approach to an old situation that is likely to launch you into an exciting new romantic chapter. Get ready to enjoy the kind of divine, amorous pleasure that you have been longing for. It’s finally here for the taking! Venus in Aries says go for it!

Japa Kaur
Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Healing
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