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Lately, I’ve been called to go deeper, to spend more time in meditation. This call to meditate has been accompanied by a feeling of pulling away from the rest of my life. In response, I have dedicated some time alone every day for meditation. I found that I was involved in a very active listening and quickly received many answers to questions about my life. The sense of “rightness” about these answers allowed me to trust taking action on this inner guidance. In fact, I found myself making several immediate changes in my life. For one thing, my home was on the market for sale and I had been hoping to move over the summer, but there were no prospective buyers. After listening to the call to “go within” I suddenly received an offer--contingent on moving out of our home in a little over a week!

It seems the Universe is helping me “move”—even though the timing and manner are not exactly what I had expected. I know that the quiet, meditative time I spend really helps things move forward, and prepares me for the need to act quickly. I also receive insights about my energy session work and have restructured my practice completely.

My quiet time of listening has resulted in much activity over the last couple of weeks. I just completed the physical move to a new home and find that I am “moving forward” in many other ways, too. The best part is, I anticipate spending more quiet time with myself soon. I wonder what changes it will bring me. Ask yourself this powerful question: “Am I listening to my inner guidance?”

Andrea Beaudoin
Soul Purpose Guide
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Nicola Karesh commented on 16-Aug-2010 01:00 PM4 out of 5 stars

The times when I have opened to the silence and gone within, divine inspiration always flows forth. Thank you Andrea for the reminder that we are indeed fueled by our inner guidance, when we take the time to listen!

Lisa commented on 16-Aug-2010 08:19 PM5 out of 5 stars

It is quite an amazing feeling to watch things in the outer world move as you listen to your inner guidance and take action. It gives life a magical quality. Thank you, Andrea, for the reminder to be still and listen!

Rhonda commented on 17-Aug-2010 06:16 PM5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for that message Andrea. Interesting how I have heard similar words quite regularly lately. All very wise and deeply helpful messages for sure. You are a beautiful healer and woman, bless you for helping so many people along their own healing paths. Love & Joy, Rhonda

Andrea Beaudoin commented on 18-Aug-2010 07:14 AM5 out of 5 stars

Thank you all, Nicola, Lisa and Rhonda for your beautiful comments and feedback! Love & Light, Andrea

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