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Intuition Matters - Part II

You are not meant to survive in this world. You are meant to thrive in it! One way to do this is to "Get Intuit!" Connect with your intuition and watch your world streamline and unfold effortlessly in ways you desire.

An important key to developing intuition is learning to distinguish between your internal guidance and the “energetic chatter” you may be sensing empathically from others. What if when you feel depressed or disheartened you are actually picking up all of the heavy thoughts and energies swirling around in the Universe?

I first became aware of this phenomenon when I ended a relationship with a man with whom I was deeply in love. I had made tremendous progress healing my feelings around the loss. I wasn't missing him or longing for him, and then—out of the blue—I felt a deep pull in my "high heart," accompanied by an intense longing for him. It made no sense. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I was experiencing his longing for me. When I asked, "Is this mine?" the feeling completely dissipated.

Here is an exercise I learned* to help you release psychic “interference.” For a period of three days, pay close attention to all of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. If you have a negative thought or experience a heavy, upsetting emotion or pain in your body, ask yourself, "Who does this belong to?" or "Is this mine?"

If you feel lighter or the sensation leaves, it is possible that you were empathically picking up thoughts or feelings from outside yourself. If you do not feel lighter, ask the Universe to transform the experience into whatever you would rather be thinking and feeling. By focusing on what you want, you will begin to put into motion the Law of Attraction.

I suggest you make this your daily practice—it’s simple and fun! Your guidance will become louder and you will feel much clearer because your circuits won’t be clogged with dense psychic sludge.

Maureen Keefe
Intuitive Consultant, Healing Touch practitioner, Wildlife Photographer (consciousness coaching)*

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