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Pinky Promise

Open Hand, Open Heart

Have you ever held your pinky out while drinking a cup of tea? Or noticed someone else doing it? Pinkies don’t usually get a lot of attention unless they are sticking out at a peculiar angle, but pinkies deserve more respect! Your pinky finger can actually tell you a lot about the level of closeness and intimacy you are willing to allow in your life.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and lay your left hand down on the paper naturally. Don’t think about what you are doing, just shake your hand out and then place it on the paper. Now trace around your hand with the pencil; then repeat this process with your right hand. Take a look at how far away your pinky is from the rest of your fingers.

The bigger the space between your pinky and your ring finger, the harder it is for people to really get to know you. A space of one inch to an inch and a half (measured from the fingertips) can be a sign of a slightly more independent person. But a space of two inches or more and the phrase “I am an island” can be applied, meaning it could be very difficult to let people get close to you. If this is the case with your pinky, try to remember that no one is an island. Allowing yourself to be more open with people can bring greater levels of trust and intimacy. It might not feel natural to open up, but your loved ones will be glad you did and ultimately so will you!

Meredyth Hunt
Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber
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Maria commented on 14-Sep-2010 11:58 AM4 out of 5 stars

Wow - pretty interesting. So my left hand is 2 inches and my right is 1.5 inches. I've always thought I was independent and open to intimacy - but this has me wondering? Is it common to have the different measurements on left and right side?

Meredyth Hunt commented on 14-Sep-2010 10:27 PM3 out of 5 stars

Hi Maria, Yes people will often have very different things going on from hand to hand. The left hand represents our more private and intimate side of life, home, mate, very close friends. Perhaps there is a level of intimacy that takes extra time and effort for people to reach with you? It is always interesting to ask those in your inner circle for their experience of you as well.

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