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Choosing a Healing Crystal

Crystals and healing stones appeal mainly to the sense of sight and touch. If a crystal is beneficial, you are bound to like its shape and the way it feels when you touch it. So what do you do when you are in a shop and you like all the stones you see? How do you choose the right stone?

Start by picking up the one you feel most drawn to and let it rest inside both palms of your hands. Breathe deeply and feel it. Does it tingle? Is it becoming hot or is it refreshingly cool? Do you like the energy you are receiving from the crystal? If you aren’t sure it is the right one for you yet, pick another stone and repeat the process—then, put the first on the palm of one hand and the second on the palm of the other. You will know for sure which one feels best to you now.

Before wearing or meditating with the crystal you have brought home, it is important to clean it. Place it under running cold tap water for a few seconds (please don’t do this with selenite or it will melt away!) and then let it rest on a paper towel to dry. Pour some salt onto a plate, pat it down and cover the plate with a dry paper towel. Place the crystal on the plate and let it rest there for up to three hours to clear out any psychic energy from the crystal.

The last step is to recharge your crystal. Once cleaned, place your stone for a few hours under the sun or moon rays, depending on the nature of the crystal, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy all the good vibrations of your chosen mineral friend.

Agnese Agnidevi Mandetta 
Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Yogini
Crystal Yoga by Agnidevi

Recommended book: Purifying Crystals: How to Clear, Charge and Purify Your Healing Crystals by Michael Gienger


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