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Mothering and Merriment

Astral Weather Report, July '11

July is dominated by the energy of the Sun in Cancer. The sentimental, warm, lovey-dovey feeling makes you want to stick close to home and enjoy a good meal and a movie. It is also the season of picnics, hanging out by lakes and rivers and spending extra time with family, particularly your mother.

All things under the domain of Cancer are highlighted at the time of the New Moon on July 1. This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, suggesting an extra potent time for setting new intentions to transform, let go, and invite in things that you would like to manifest during this next lunar cycle.

On July 2, Mercury moves into boisterous Leo, adding a dose of festive merriment to the mix. For the next four weeks, expect communication to be dramatic, flamboyant and jovial. Venus joins the party on July 4, bringing compassion and sensitivity in your romantic relations with others for the next four weeks. Relax and enjoy the loving, mothering mood that this Venus transit has to offer.

The Full Moon on July 22 turns up the emotional thermometer, calling for structure and organization during this potentially rocky time. For a couple of days before and after the Full Moon, take special note of the balance between work and family life. This is where the Moon will hit hardest.

The mood shifts dramatically on July 22 when the Sun moves into childlike Leo for its annual four-week trip through the sign of the Lion. Bring on the fun! Bring on the romance! Bring on the theatrical, playful and transforming phase that this transit has to offer.

On July 30, the second New Moon of July offers another opportunity to set new plans and goals into motion. This time, the emphasis is on children, creative expression and love. Let the universe know what your request is in these areas of your life and then sit back, relax and let the magic happen.

Japa Kaur
Musician, Astrologer, EFT Practitioner

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