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Moonstruck Mondays

Planetary Days of the Week

The Moon is the planetary ruler of Monday. Our nearest celestial neighbor, Grandmother Moon is associated with the emotions and the mind. Just as the Moon reflects the sunlight, Monday lets you look into the mirror of relationships by asking what the other person may be showing you on this day. Look deeply with your intuition and compassion.

Synchronize with the Moon’s energies on Monday by wearing white or blue as a reminder to honor your feelings and foster sensitivity for others. Don some pearls to increase your sensitivity. Hold a moonstone to connect to the lunar rays while grounding into the Mother Earth. Silver, the Moon’s metal, aligns you with the lunar, feminine energy. Drink extra water on Monday—with each conscious sip you support the gentle tidal shifts within your body.

Moon is ruler of the astrological sign Cancer and Monday encourages spending time with family while enjoying some home cooking for the body-mind-soul. The Moon rules digestive activity and the sympathetic nervous system and also governs the cerebellum, breasts and the feminine functions.

The Moon is the medium of change and affects the ability to use your mind over matter. Just as the Moon moves the tides of our Earth, she affects your body chemistry, wielding pervasive influence on your health, safety and sanity, showing you how to receive, reflect and integrate the experience of being alive.

Bring a sweet white flower to work or school on Monday (gardenias are a good choice) to temper any moon-day blues. Tune into the energy of this powerful day—you’ll be sure to be moonstruck on Mondays!

Moon Center Meditation Moon Center Meditation (430 KB)

Matamandir Kaur/Lyn Bradford
Astrologer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Steps Into Space Yoga & Astrology 

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Cheryl commented on 07-Jan-2012 04:37 PM5 out of 5 stars

Love this. Something to focus on to feel you are connecting with the universe. Thanks! Can't wait till Monday.

Nurha commented on 11-Jan-2012 10:51 PM5 out of 5 stars

I love your article, thank you. :)

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