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Meditation on the Move

Sync to Life's Rhythms

Life is composed of moments of arriving and departing. After a while, there is a rhythm in the ebb and flow of life’s cycles. My personal daily spiritual practice allows me to better connect to the rhythm of my life. Syncing my meditation practice to the biorhythm of life allows for a more graceful human experience. However, when I travel (which I do frequently in the course of my yoga teaching practice), all that can literally “fly” out the window!

When I am away from my home space, I have to rely on my discipline and the internal drive to be excellent, to live up to my word, my commitments. At those times, I have found some ways to maintain my practice  when catching an early flight or traveling on the road--and during the course of my busy life.

Modern technology lets me listen to my meditation music on my mp3 player. I press Play and I can listen to my chanting when going through security, at the post office or in the grocery store. Even in a hectic airport, I can usually find a quiet corner in an empty terminal at the airport to meditate and do yoga. I often meditate on the train, bus, and plane. I choose a silent meditation that is discreet yet powerful.

As a traveler, if you miss your morning practice, don’t give up. Do it later in the day if you are able--and if you end up missing a day en route, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember: This is a lifelong practice. Just BE you and allow the universal biorhythm to flow through you.

Haridass Kaur Ph.D
Traveling Yogini, Writer, Tour Manager/Roadee, Aquarian Academy Intern

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mary commented on 26-May-2011 01:35 PM1 out of 5 stars

Life, being fully alive, is participation. So if you are travelling, you should be active in this experience, so your spirit can travel in sync with your body. Putting yourself in a corner with something plugged in your ear? Who are you fooling?

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