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May on the Move

Astral Weather Report, May '11

The month of May begins with a fury of action and activity. The energy is heightened, the tone is anxious and it seems as if people you love are on the warpath. In general, the feeling is that it’s time to get up and get going – to get started – to make a move – to shake things up in one way or another.

On May 2, the recipe calls for letting go of the old in order to welcome in the new. This is the day of the New Moon in Taurus, the time to make an honest assessment of where you are and where you want to go. Consider your home, your possessions and your securities. What are your assets and what are your liabilities? What is important to you and what can you honestly let go of?

As the month continues, the focus will shift from a desire to go out and get more to a feeling of wanting to enjoy and protect what you already have. The entrance of Mars into Taurus on May 11 encourages everyone to enjoy the pleasures of life.

On May 15, both Mercury and Venus reinforce this idea by joining earthly Taurus as well. As these three planets continue their transit of the sign of the Bull throughout the remainder of the month, their message is to honor the physical plane and the delights that it has to offer – good food, music, art, massage and the comforts of a nurturing home.

When the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21, note that the general mood becomes lighter and more social. Communication is heightened and you may find it easier to juggle more than two or three activities and responsibilities at once. Connect with people you haven’t talked to in a while and make an effort to reach out to people and open up your home to others. There is much to be enjoyed, and much to be shared. New people, places and ideas are on the forefront. Indulge in the richness that these exciting new prospects have to offer. The connections you make now will prove to be vital later on.

Japa Kaur
Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Healing

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