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Your Heart Line's Desire

Have you ever taken an instant like or dislike to another person? One of the possible reasons is that certain Heart Lines are simply a better match for each other. There are four different Heart Line types – Fire, Earth, Air and Water and each has a compatible heart line, which basically means that opposites attract. Fire and Air Heart Lines are a great combination as are Earth and Water Heart Lines.

People with Air Heart Lines are thoughtful, considerate and romantic. If you have an Air Heart Line you probably enjoy long walks full of fascinating conversation with another person. One of your favorite ways to show love is observing what others like and then finding a thoughtful way to give it to them. Being the most intellectual of the Heart types your non-negotiable need in relationship is meaning. You get satisfaction from understanding people and your relationships. The biggest challenge for this heart type is overanalyzing everything.

If you have an Air Heart Line it is important to connect with your body so you don’t get stuck in your head analyzing your feelings. Take a few deep breaths, check out your gut and express your feelings as an important component to enjoying a relationship with the very expressive Fire Heart Line. Remember what happens when you add air to a fire? It gets bigger!

Meredyth Hunt
Certified Hand Analyst, Recreational Tree Climber
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