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Martian Tuesday

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Tuesday’s planetary ruler is feisty Mars, commander-in-chief of the celestial forces. The Red Planet embodies constructive and destructive masculine energy. in Hindu mythology, this cosmic orb contains the secret fire of creation that manifests material form.

With Mars as ruler, Tuesday is a good day to set goals and then execute courageously like a Spiritual Warrior. As Mars was the Roman God of War, you can temper the war-like tendency of this energy with steady strength applied towards good deeds.

Tuesday is a day for athleticism, such as an active yoga kriya. You may find yourself stretching beyond your comfort zone on this impulsive day. Consciously apply Mars’ enthusiasm and determination. Drink plenty of water and use pranayama to cool the Martian fires.

If your energy is low, wear red shoes or clothing to help put a bounce in your step. Enjoy some red lentil soup and add red peppers to an Asian slaw to kick up your metabolism. Red coral in a gold ring is helpful for alignment with the positive influence of Mars when you’re in need of an energy boost.

A friend’s grandmother has a favorite folk saying about Tuesday: “En Martes no te cases ni te embarques, ni de tú suerte te apartes.”  Do not travel or get married on Tuesdays and don't go far from your luck. Let Tuesday’s energies serve a positive purpose and make your own luck. Engage the strength of Mars on Tuesday and remember “Tuesday’s child is full of grace.”

Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger (519 KB)

Matamandir Kaur/Lyn Bradford
Astrologer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
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Anonymous commented on 01-Mar-2012 03:54 AM3 out of 5 stars

This would have been more helpful if it appeared on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

Matamandir Kaur/Lyn Bradford commented on 01-Mar-2012 03:09 PM3 out of 5 stars

there's always the coming Tuesday and the following Tuesday ... and super good to remember all this month when Mars energy is emphasized :)

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