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Making Peace with the Holidays

Meditate Through the Madness

It is in the pause of my hectic schedule that I notice the grace that fills my day. When I finish my “to do” list, I am afforded the opportunity to say Wahe Guru (Wow!). I feel a sense of accomplishment as peace and silence overcomes me. Even in the midst of the current “holiday madness,” I experience gratitude, as we turn to tradition, gathering with loved ones at this special time of the year.

Years ago, I viewed the holidays as a stressful time. Now, I see it differently. When I take emotional charge of my perspective, the holiday activities become a labor of love — even late-night baking becomes a meditative and graceful experience. Perhaps it is the fabric of time and space that makes gatherings so special. The kids have grown, the parents have aged, and these family holidays become even more precious. It is only now that I realize I have been groomed for this position, to be the household tradition carrier and to bring everyone together. When I came to accept my role, my life became so much easier. I realize that the holidays wouldn't be the same if I didn't do my part.

I am also grateful to my teacher Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga Master). He taught me the blessing of serving — and serving my family is only the beginning. Happy holidays and may your gatherings be filled with the attitude of gratitude.

Haridass Kaur/Thi Kim Hoang, PhD
Healer, Yogi, Entrepreneur
Infinite Goddess
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