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Life as a Pilgrimage

Seeking the Sacred

Every spring, in my northern New Mexico town, I witness the pilgrimage of thousands of individuals as they walk—sometimes for hundreds of miles—to the sacred Santuario de Chimayo for Easter services. Each person carries their own prayers and burdens as they travel on foot to the healing space of this religious shrine. I marvel that, even in this modern day, there is still a human longing to make a spiritual journey, to take time out from the “normal” to experience the “divine.”

My own pilgrim aspirations call on me every day. As I sit, work, write and go about my daily routine, I think about the journey of my soul. Sometimes I am called to take a detour on the way home from grocery shopping to sit in a little Catholic chapel where I go to pray. Other times, nature calls me into Her arms to find peace and a spirit of renewal. It took me almost 30 years to make a pilgrimage to Amritsar, India, where I bathed in the healing light of the Golden Temple. I realize that this human life is nothing more or less than a journey into the Unknown. The path is never straightforward, but it is always gratifying and worth the trip. May I always be blessed to be guided by Spirit to seek the sacred every day!

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa
Spiritual Traveler and Yogamint Content Editor
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