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Leo Yogis

Astrology for Yogis - #9

As yoga students and teachers, the Full Moon has significant meaning for our practice, and its observation is part of a rich yogic heritage. This month, we celebrate Leo Yogis and the occurrence of a “blue moon,” which is the second full moon in a calendar month, taking place only every two to three years.

In yoga, the energy of the full moon is likened to the end of inhalation when the force of prana (vital life force energy) is the greatest. The day of the full moon is considered to be auspicious to accomplish significant activities. The luminous brightness of the moon represents prosperity, abundance, and healing energy.

The Full Moon energy is also optimal for a day of rest, fasting and cleansing. Kundalini healing meditations, such as the Healing Ring of the Tantra, are especially potent on the full moon – and the August blue moon!

Leo Sun Person
If you were born between August 15 and September 15, you are a Leo Sun according to Vedic Astrology. Those born under a Leo Sun are generally physically strong, with lots of energy and personality. Vedic Leos can be successful in their careers and whatever they set out to do. They are sometimes considered egotistical and headstrong. Leos in marriage often have problems because they think that they are always right, which they often are! Most people like Leos and are willing to help them achieve their goals. They love the outdoors and usually enjoy good health.

Leo Yogi
The Leo Sun Yogi is high-energy and intense, with a drive to succeed in their yoga practice. They like to do well in class and are happy to demonstrate a posture for their fellow students and talk about their own yoga experiences. Leo yogis like being the center of attention and can become successful yoga teachers. Need to borrow a yoga mat or need a ride home from class? Ask a Leo yogi because they are generous to all. Natural scenery is what they enjoy best and they may go out alone in nature to think or meditate. The Leo yogi can be philosophical and learned in spiritual subjects.

Mehtab Benton
Certified Vedic Astrologer, Founder of Yoga Yoga Studios
Astrology Yogi

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