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Kundalini Rising

Serpentine Mala Meditation

Serpentine gets its name from the “yellow-green” colors on the skin of a snake. This lesser-known stone is made of magnesium silicate and often contains magnetite, an element that acts as a recorder of the Earth’s shifts and changes throughout time—making it a powerful stone for memory.

Often called the Kundalini Stone (referring to the energy that is said to be wrapped three and a half times around the sacrum at the base of the spine), serpentine is a wonderful stone for your mala practice.

When the kundalini energy is released, it travels up the spine, activates the chakras and releases energy, thus creating an elevated experience of consciousness and connection between the self and the infinite.

Meditating with serpentine offers a rich connection to the creative energies of the earth. It enhances communication with nature (good for gardeners) and brings prosperity and heart-healing. Soothing to the emotional body, serpentine helps to alleviate fear of change, helping you to look forward to a positive and prosperous future.

Serpentine is a stone with profound healing properties, used by many healers to replenish good health and increase energy levels. It is a perfect stone to enhance meditation. Here is a wonderful mala meditation with serpentine:

Sit in an easy posture with one hand resting in your lap and the other resting over your knee, holding your mala. Visualize a powerful energy rising up your spine, bringing you a sense of healing and exalted spirit. As you rotate the mala towards you, chant the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru—meaning “the Infinite Source of All is within me”—repeating one word per bead, as spoken by Yogi Bhajan.* Enjoy the bliss!

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa
The Mala Lady, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher
Workshop facilitator “Mudra, Mantra and the Mala”

Recommended: The Healing Power of Gemstones in Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology by Harish Johari and Ang Sang Wahe Guru (CD by Yogi Bhajan*)


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