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Kicking It Into Gear

Astral Weather Report, Sept. '12

September kicks off with a mood of organization and discipline. The Virgo Sun encourages you to get organized. Pay attention to health, pets, your daily routine and service to others.

On September 6, a shift from Venus suggests playfulness in the romance department. Have fun with your lover and adopt a child-like innocence when it comes to intimate time together. Be conscious of your needs and don’t be afraid to express them openly and honestly to the one you love.

On September 15, the New Moon in Virgo suggests you put down fresh roots and let go of the worn-out habits that no longer serve you.

Mercury’s appearance on September 16 indicates a time to be more diplomatic in your communication with others. Consider the theme of justice and how you may need to incorporate this notion into your daily life. Clean up relations where there may be discord and amend partnerships where there may be imbalance.

The Autumnal Equinox falls on September 22—the day of equal darkness and light. The Autumnal Equinox also marks the start of the Libra Sun—a four-week transit during which the solar energy radiates a call for equality, justice and peace around the world. There is a greater focus on beauty, the arts and a call to action for those wanting to bring sustainable living practices worldwide.

On September 29, the Full Moon rising at sunset puts an emphasis on creativity, music, and compassion. Find a balance between examining the details and considering the big picture. Be mindful of the forest, but don’t forget about the trees.

Japa Kaur
Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Healing

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