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June's A-Blooming

Astral Weather Report, June '12

June begins with a retrograde Venus period, suggesting a time to reflect on and perhaps rekindle old relationships. However, if possible, it may be good to hold off on tying the knot until the end of the month.

On June 4, the Full Moon lunar eclipse acts as a mirror to the Solar Eclipse that occurred in May. Notice how the intentions you put into motion at that time are coming to fruition. Pay attention to what is working, what is developing and how you may need to change course. Don’t be afraid to make a radical turn in direction at this time.

On June 7, Mercury shifts out of “mental” Gemini into “emotional” Cancer. For the next two and a half weeks you may notice your intuition taking over your decision-making process.

On June 11, Jupiter makes his grand entrance into Gemini, beginning a phase of great prosperity and good fortune for members of this sign. For everyone, look to ways in which you can expand your means of communication, community, education and relationships with neighbors and siblings.

June 20 marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun begins its four-week transit through Cancer. During this period, place extra attention on the home, the emotions and the mother.

When Mercury moves into Leo on June 25, you may notice a more festive mood in the air. Children take on a greater focus in your life, so take the opportunity to express yourself creatively while encouraging the children in your life to do the same.

Just before the close of the month, on June 27th, Venus resumes forward motion, saying that it is all clear to proceed with any plans you may have to say, “I do.”

Japa Kaur
Astrologer, Tarot, Intuitive Healing

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