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Joyful Jupiter

Planetary Days of the Week

Thursday’s planetary ruler is the largest planet in our solar system, considered to be the most auspicious. Jupiter is associated with luck, youth, wisdom, integrity and grace, protecting and enlightening. This planet is known by its Sanskrit name as Guru, teacher of Gods. Plug into optimism and your inner truth on this inspirational day.

Educational focus is appropriate on Thursday, with the study of religion, philosophy, law, travel and worldly adventure. In Buddhist Thailand, Thursday is considered “Teacher’s Day,” auspicious for beginning classes, while Judaism and Islam both believe Thursday to be fortuitous for fasting.

The color of Jupiter is yellow, so incorporate this color as a symbol of commitment and devotion to ground your hopes and wishes. Jupiter’s gemstones are yellow sapphire, topaz and citrine to remind you of gracefulness and integrity. Yellow roses are commonly associated with joy and friendship and bring to mind sunny, cheerful feelings of warmth and happiness.

As ruler of the thighs, hips, liver, gall bladder and pancreas, Jupiter is also associated with athleticism. On Thursday, do an active cleansing kriya to put you in sync on this blessed day. Because of its spiritual nature, Jupiter rules the ethers and expansion, so it’s a great day to meditate, using Gyan mudra, which incorporates the “Jupiter” index finger.

Jupiter demonstrates the capacity of human beings to behave in a truly divine way. Love, grace and unconscious sacrifice are generously expressed easily on this holy day. Your heart will smile as you share goodness without ulterior motive. Spread the love far and wide.

The Healing Energies of the Earth and Ether The Healing Energies of the Earth and Ether (233 KB)

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