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Joyful Acceptance

Finding En-Lightenment

Acceptance is located in the heart space of neutrality. We are all unique individuals experiencing being human with our own thoughts, perspectives and attitudes.

Acceptance is seeing what is real and what is imagination. I learned this lesson recently as a tour manager for a World Music singer. First, I accepted the job position of tour manager. Yet, as we embarked on a 30-day tour covering 7,000 miles, I began to experience negative thoughts and mental chatter. I was very quickly distracted into dozens of “what-if” scenarios and needless worry until I finally laughed at my own ridiculousness. At that moment, a deep belly laugh sprung forth like a geyser and the knowingness that “all is fine” sank in.

With that laugh, I moved from the edge of the storm to the eye of the storm where all is calm. The self-imposed pressures of being in charge shifted to a sublime statement “I AM the tour manager.” I accepted all the aspects of me —all my experiences and life training—that were being called on to deliver what was required of me at that moment. I was asked to just be me. Radiating from the core of me, the infinite vastness, I learned to relax into the flow. Life became so much easier.

That attitude of gratitude and humility now carries me into every situation. I am constantly looking for moments to say “Wahe Guru” (Cosmic Wow!) and to experience the knowingness that all is in perfect order.

Haridass Kaur
Tour Manager, Fearless Chocolate Goddess
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