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Cosmic Numerology II

The shapes and patterns in nature represent invisible forces present in manifested form. The circle is a powerful shape in nature, found in the planets and the atoms and molecules that make up all of life. A circle forms from a central point—the Universe itself is believed to have been created as an expansion from a divine center.

The circle is the source of sacred geometry, which informs the cosmic studies of numerology, astrology and even gemology. Think of a circle as the womb from which all form is created. The Greek word describing the principles embodied by the circle comes from the roots menein, “to be stable” as well as monas, or “oneness.” To find your oneness, you must first find your center, the core from which your spirit emanates.

Physically, consider the center of your body. Your core power comes from your center—the strength within. Yoga and meditation connect you with your center. Physically, spiritually and mentally, with a strong center you are empowered to achieve your full potential. The connection to center completes your circuit of power; it keeps you “plugged in."

A powerful centering technique for experiencing oneness of being is to bring your hands into “Namaste” prayer position. Placing the palms together completes the circuit connecting the left to right sides of the brain. Energetically, this enables you to operate more efficiently by using your brain’s full potential. The sacred circle empowers you with a connection to all life, and guides you to be in harmony with the mysteries of the great “circle of life.”

Sandy Krzyzanowski
Yoga Teacher, Founder, Better Day Yoga LLC

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