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It's Heating Up

Summer '09 Numerology

The summer of 2009 propels us into an increasing intensity of emotion, fueled by the desire to jettison all that we feel is no longer working in our lives. This is a tricky project since nine represents the unknown and potential illusions, suggesting that what we need to get rid of cannot be figured out in logical and linear terms. The good news is that nine also represents cleansing and completion.

It's important not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Many people will be willing to take huge risks in order to gain ground and experience relief. Desperation makes us vulnerable to falling prey to illusions; it offers us the easy way out. Luckily, nine also represents patience, mastery, and the connection to our subtle existence. Tap into this and there will an evenness of temper. Focus on learning to shift your energetic flow, like in Tai Chi, and avoid anyone who is out of control and wants to take you down with them.

Nine can represent the ability to disappear. So do it! Turn off the answering machine, lock the doors and draw the blinds. This is actually healthy if not taken to extremes. Create a space for self-regeneration. Include soothing music, mantra, and mineral salt baths. Remember that we are all in this together. In our combined spirit we have everything necessary to gracefully and successfully navigate the transition to the Aquarian Age.

Nam Hari Khalsa
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