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Walk into a beautifully decorated home or a favorite room in your house; what you will most likely find is a natural interplay of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. In feng shui, the five elements represent the basic building blocks of everything on earth, as well as what is within ourselves. It is only natural that we feel the best in environments with a harmonic balance of these essential elements. This is one reason why we often feel so happy in nature – there is a natural balance with the five elements.

Some people have an affinity for interior design and will intuitively harmonize a space using the five elements without even realizing it. With some basic knowledge of these elements, anyone can enhance a space to reflect the natural harmony. Each element is associated with specific shapes, colors and qualities. These aspects can be seen in everything in your home — from fabrics, artwork and accessories to furniture, materials and appliances — even people, plants and pets!

The use of each element will differ according to what materials are readily available in certain regions. For example, in the South most new homes are brick; whereas, in the North, most homes are wood construction. In the Southwest, adobe is the material of choice due to its availability and climate adaptability. It's important to find creative ways to incorporate all five elements in a space using regional materials. Keep in mind that a household object may consist of a combination of elements. For example, a typical bamboo plant consists of all five elements: earth (ceramic pot), water (water), wood, (bamboo plant), metal (round container), fire (red ribbon attached).

In coming months, we will explore how to bring each of these elements into your living space and discuss how they enhance the natural harmony in your life.

Tisha Morris
Certified Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Energy Healer and Author
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by Terah Kathryn Collins


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