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Cosmic Numerology - Introduction

How many numbers do you have committed to memory? Your social security number? Your bank account? Passwords? Numbers are important to our lives, however practical or mundane. Yet numbers have a magical history. Everything vibrates and each number has a unique vibration.

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, believed that numbers were “the ultimate elements of the universe” and established a correlation between mathematics and energy. Churches and other sacred spaces were constructed using mystical number systems that architects believed enhanced an experience of God while within their walls. Egyptians used magical ratios and mystical geometry to construct the pyramids. Ayurveda, the East Indian medical system, often uses a person’s birth date and a numerical formula based upon your name to diagnose illness and prescribe life solutions.

The yogis teach that your very life span is dictated by the number of breaths you take per minute. A tortoise breathes once every three minutes and has a life span of 300 years! Learning to take long, deep breaths expands your life and increases the quality of your life.

Numerical formulas using your birth date, astrological figures and letters in your name can explain personality, life lessons, health issues, relationship possibilities and even to forecast the future. Understanding your personal numerology can give you insight into your soul’s journey.

There’s no question that numbers empower our lives—we’ll learn more as we explore Cosmic Numerology in upcoming articles, in order to reawaken the magical influence of numbers!

Sandy Krzyzanowski
Yoga Teacher, Founder, Better Day Yoga LLC

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Barbara Starke commented on 12-Nov-2011 04:50 PM5 out of 5 stars

Sandy, well done! I was left wanting more :) I just finished teaching a Level 1 Healing Touch class to 21 college students--they would have loved to hear this material...each one would probably want their astrology chart done. Thank you for sharing your
work. Look forward to more. Namaste, Barbara

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