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In Tune for Travel

Tarot for Adventure and Flow

The month of May brings with it a great time to travel. The sun is shining and the longer days and warmer nights are enticing you to flow outside and go somewhere new.

The 9 of Pentacles (the Ripeness card) suggests that information will come to move you out into the world. The length of time traveling and the reasons to go are up to you with the 2 of Swords (the Choice card). Both of these tarot cards together say to be open to an inspiration to travel. It may come out of the blue without notice.

Next, the Page of Wands—the Messenger card—brings information about maintaining the lightness of being. The more you can go with the flow and be open to messages, the more information will come to guide you and help you to move forward in your life and in your world.

Finally, the 7 of Pentacles, or Patience card, reminds you to take some time to nurture the “garden” of intentions that you started growing last year. Abundance in a variety of ways is coming soon.

Stay open to messages from the universe about taking a vacation for rest, adventure or just getting away for a few hours to experience something out of the ordinary. Most importantly, listen to your heart when it tells you to take a chance!

Paula Greenstein
Intuitive, Integrative Divination Master Teacher
Author, The Book of Healing Tarot Layouts


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